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William Edgeworth  died on Novermber 25, 1913 in the County Home in Bellaire, Michigan. His daughter, Mary Jane, was married George Hartwell and was the Mother of Johannah Hartwell, Mr. Ed’s Grandmother.

According to William’s death certificate, issued December 5, 1913 he was 91 years of age, and had lived in the county home for one year, 11 months and 11 days.  Cause of death was Chronic Organic Dementia with a duration of 2 or 3 years.  The death certificate did not list a Father or Mother’s name and said William was born in Canada.

There was a nice obituary in the Charlevoix County Herald, November 29, 1913:

“William Edgeworth, aged 91 years, died at the Antrim County Home at Bellaire this week.  Funeral services were held at Finkton, Wednesday afternoon conducted by Rev. T. Porter Bennett and interment was made in the Moorehouse (sic) cemetery.  Mr. Edgeworth was a resident of Echo township for the past fory years.  His wife died some four years ago and he has been at the Home for about two years  He left no known relatives except a granddaughter* residing in the Beaver Islands.”

*This would be Johannah Hartwell


Obituary, William Edgeworth, Charlevoix County Herald, 11/29, 1913                                     Death Certificate, #15, William Edgeworth, December 5, 1913


Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, WA, 5/22/2011 All Rights Reserved


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Finding a death certificate for Mary Edgeworth has been exciting and at the same time it’s added a note of uncertainty to the search.  Just the other day we received a death certificate from Antrim County Michigan which I believe is the correct one. But there are a few discrepancies as well as data that fits like a glove so I’m just going to list what I know and come to a conclusion, acknowledging that I may be wrong.

Death certificate lists the name “Jane” which matches her daughter’s middle name (Mary Jane)

Census records for 1880 and 1900 list her name as “Mary”

Birth date calculation based on Death Certificate was 23 March, 1822

1880 Census shows Mary Edgeworth, wife of William as being born about 1825

1900 Census shows Mary Edgeworth, wife of William asa being born 18 /April 1825

Echo Twp is very rural and low population density… no other Edgeworths are enumerated in the area

Death certificate says she was born in Canada… census says Ireland

So my take is that this death certificate is indeed for Mr. Ed’s GGGrandmother.  Here’s a scan of the certificate:

It was nice to get the information on Jane’s Father, whose name was “Niblock” and learn that his residence was Michigan.  Now I’m on to the next clue!



Susan Edminster

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