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Hello Friends,

Mr. Ed was looking at a Bible concordance the other day, it was an older one that he inherited from his dad.  And what do you think fell out from between the pages? A 1952 coupon for 15 cents off of  five pounds or more of Fisher’s Blend Flour.  The inflation calculator shows that $.15 in 1952 converts to about $1.20 as of 2009.  I wonder what the cost of the flour was.  Anyone know?

Coupon front

Coupon back

Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls Washington,  March 13, 2011, All rights reserved.


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Herbert Loyal EDMINSTER
b. 21 Apr 1861, Henry County, Illinois
& Adele McCullough
b. 16 Apr 1863, New York
m. abt 1879
|    Reuben Walter EDMINSTER
|      b. 11 Dec 1880, Glenwood, Kansas
|      d. 9 Dec 1963, Tacoma, Washington
|    & Anna Marie NEUST
|      b. 7 Jan 1884, Akron, Ohio
|      d. 24 May 1958, Tacoma, Washington
|      m. 6 Aug 1901, Akron, Ohio
|    |    Lillian Della Marie EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 20 Mar 1902, Akron, Ohio
|    |      d. 6 Sep 1978, Tacoma, Washington
|    |    & James Gordon Donnally
|    |    George Shelby EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 5 Apr 1904, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 7 Jul 1990, Olympia, Washington
|    |    & Beatrice Ruth SHERMAN
|    |      b. 4 Jun 1907, Rexton Mackinac, Michigan
|    |      d. 29 Nov 1933, Olympia, Washington
|    |      m. 21 Dec 1923, Helena, Montana
|    |    George Shelby EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 5 Apr 1904, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 7 Jul 1990, Olympia, Washington
|    |    & Geraldine Eels
|    |      b. 4 Mar 1914, Olympia, WA
|    |      d. 15 Feb 1941
|    |    George Shelby EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 5 Apr 1904, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 7 Jul 1990, Olympia, Washington
|    |    & Evelyn Virginia Gribble
|    |      b. 4 Dec 1909, Seattle, WA
|    |      d. 5 Mar 1947
|    |    George Shelby EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 5 Apr 1904, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 7 Jul 1990, Olympia, Washington
|    |    & Nena Aletha (Jones) Stoehr
|    |      b. 10 Jun 1914, Neodeshaw, Kansas
|    |    Mildred Hattie EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 20 Mar 1906, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 4 Jul 1979, Soap Lake, Washington
|    |    & J.M. Doggett
|    |    Mildred Hattie EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 20 Mar 1906, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 4 Jul 1979, Soap Lake, Washington
|    |    & D.O. Hallock
|    |    Mildred Hattie EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 20 Mar 1906, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 4 Jul 1979, Soap Lake, Washington
|    |    & Eddie Graham
|    |    Mildred Hattie EDMINSTER*
|    |      b. 20 Mar 1906, Tarbelo, Kansas
|    |      d. 4 Jul 1979, Soap Lake, Washington
|    |    & Sam E. Woody
|    |    Florence Louretta EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 9 Feb 1909, Basehor, Kansas
|    |      d. 18 May 1998, Helena, Montana
|    |    Clyde Dale EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 8 Dec 1914, Basehor, Kansas
|    |      d. 27 Sep 2003, Rainier, Washington
|    |    & Beatrice Lanor Cozinie
|    |    Esther Ellenor EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 11 Jul 1917, Townsend, Montana
|    |      d. 30 Apr 2003, Tacoma, Washington
|    |    & Robert Luther Beador
|    |    Louis Leroy EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 8 May 1919, Townsend, Montana
|    |    & Dorothy Mae Grobey
|    |      b. 28 Nov 1925, Seattle, WA
|    |    Opal Alhelda EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 20 Jan 1923, Townsend, Montana
|    |    & Erhart Christian Ellwein
|    |      b. 9 Aug 1911
|    |    Reuben Walter EDMINSTER
|    |      b. 18 Mar 1925, St. Regis, Montana
|    |      d. 19 Jul 2006, Tacoma, Washington
|    |    & Mary Louise Burleson
|    |      b. 15 Apr 1925, Tacoma, Washington
|    George Clarence EDMINSTER
|    Hattie Belle EDMINSTER
|      b. 1 Oct 1882, Leavenworth County, Kansas
|      d. 5 Jul 1948
|    & Lewis William Koch
|      b. 2 May 1881, Tazewell County Illinois
|      d. 3 Mar 1963
|    |    Kenneth Harold Koch
|    |      b. 28 Oct 1904
|    |      d. 26 Nov 1904
|    |    Dale Edminster Koch
|    |      b. 3 Oct 1908, Tonganoxie, Kansas
|    |    & Esther Leona Franklin
|    |      b. 29 Aug 1912, Kansas City Kansas
|    |    Helen Louise Koch
|    |      b. 16 Dec 1910, Tonganoxie, Kansas

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Anna Marie (Neust) Edminster

1884 – 1958

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The Neust Family

Good Evening,

The family of John Neust arrived in America somewhat later than many immigrants, arriving c. 1880. This is according to his Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the U.S., filed July 16, 1884. John’s Declaration states that he will “renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatsoever, and particularly to Wm. 1st, Emperor of Germany.”

The first five children of John and Anna Katherine (Rittenberger) Neust: (Henry, Joseph, John, Katherine and Elizabeth) were born in Germany while Anna Marie and Mary Carol were born in Akron, Ohio in 1884 and 1887 respectively.

Anna Marie Neust was married to Reuben Edminster in Summit County Ohio on August 6, 1902. Anna was 17 years old at that time, Reuben, 21. Anna Marie and Reuben were the parents of nine children:

Lillian Della Marie, dob March 20, 1902

George Shelby, dob April 5, 1904

Mildred Hattie, dob March 20, 1906

Florence Louretta, dob February 9, 1909

Clyde Dale, dob December 8, 1914

Esther Ellenor, dob July 11, 1917

Reuben Walter, dob March 18, 1925

Two others survive.

Even though the information on this family is a bit more limited than some of our other lines there are still stories to tell and these will be posted over the next few days and weeks. So keep tuned!

Sue Edminster

Copyright November 2008, Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

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Reuben Walter Edminster was born December 11, 1880 to Herbert Loyal Edminster and Frances Adelia Brown. He was seven generations removed from the first Edminster ancestor to arrive in America, John Edminsteire:

Parents: Herbert Loyal Edminster and Frances Adelia Brown
Grandparents: Reuben S. Edminster and Adele M. McCullough
1st Great Grandparents: Henry William Edminster, Jr. and Mary Barnes
2nd Great Grandparents: Henry William Edminster and Roba Howland
3rd Great Grandparents: William Edminster and Mary Paul
4th Great Grandparents: James D. Edminster and Ann Makepeace
5th Great Gandparents: John Edminsteire and Hannah (unknown)

The Edminster family, starting in Freetown Massachusetts in 1662 or earlier, migrated over several generations to Kansas where Reuben was born in 1880. Reuben’s father, Herbert Loyal Edminster, was listed as a taxpayer in Glenwood Kansas 1900-1901, in Basehor 1907-1908, and in Fairmount 1911-1914 so it appears the family may have moved more than once although these communities seem to be quite near one another. Glenwood , Leavenworth County was home to a Post Office from 1869-1870, and again from 1884 to 1902 but since then it’s faded from existence.

A little about Reuben’s parents: Herbert married Frances Adelia Brown (date unknown) and Reuben may have been their first child ; His siblings were George Clarence (dob unknown) and Hattie Bell, born October 1, 1882. Herbert and Frances divorced about 1893-1894 and He married Laura Stone who according to the family had been their houskeeper. When the 1900 US Census was taken Laura and Herbert reported they’d been married six years, Laura’s birthdate is listed as March, 1866.

Reuben married Anna Marie Neust* on August 6, 1901. She was born January 7, 1884 at Akron, Ohio; her parents were John Joseph Neust and Anna Katherine Rittenberger. Reuben and Anna’s children were Lillian Della Marie, born March 20, 1902; George Shelby born April 5, 1904; Mildred Hattie, born March 20, 1906; Florence Louretta, born February 1, 1909; Clyde Dale, born December 8, 1914, Esther Ellanor, born July 11, 1917 and Reuben Walter, Jr., born March 18, 1925. The couple also had two other children, both are living; Their information is not included in this document in consideration of their privacy.

Reuben and Anna eventually moved west to Montana and settled near Townsend, at the south end of Canyon Ferry Lake, and about 30 miles south east of the state capital in Helena. According to the family they lived out in the country at Ray Creek, which is north east of Townsend and the 1920 US Census for Broadwater County Montana shows the family enumerated in the Ray Creek School District. Now Reuben had at some point filed for a homestead and it was issued in 1907 for 160 acres in Lincoln County, the most northwest of Montana’s counties. But since the family didn’t leave Kansas until some time after Florence was born in 1909, and they were in Townsend in 1917 when Esther was born it doesn’t appear they ever took up the Lincoln County homestead.

Some memories the family had of their childhood years included Esther’s recollection that when she dropped some scissors on her foot and they went straight down into the flesh, Florence quickly went out to the barn to retrieve a clean cobweb to close the wound and stop the bleeding. Clyde remembered fishing in the creek with a safety pin for a hook, and also recalled using a horse cart for transportation to school. It was a two-wheeled cart with shafts for the horse and they drove four or five miles to the nearest school….a one room school at that. At one time there was a Ray Creek School and that may have been where they attended.

Dances were held at the school and all the desks were put to one side and the kids would sit on them and finally fall asleep while the adults would dance late into the night. Clyde remembered that their Mother (Anna) made a whole wash tub full of cream puffs to take to the dance.

Family remedies for a cough included two teaspoons of sugar with a few drops of kerosene sprinkled on it. Another cough syrup was made by sprinkling onions with sugar and leaving them to stand until the syrup formed. All agreed this syrup tasted good! Baths were taken in a washtub with water heated on the wood stove and clothes were handed down as long as they could be used. Anna made sure that shirts were ironed and everyone looked tidy.

When the family left Townsend, they moved to Helena where Florence attended school, and eventually on to St. Regis and finally to Washington State. Anna and the children travelled by train, the older kids taking care of the younger ones.

Once in Washington, Anna and Reuben settled in Graham, but later moved into Tacoma where they lived for 33 years until her death in 1958. They were married for 57 years and during that time lived in Ohio, Kansas, Montana and Washington State.

* Alternative spellings: Nust, Nuest


Edminster, Frank Custer, Jr., The Edminster Family in America, Arlington Virginia, 1965. Book appears to have been self-published.

Kansas, 1910 U.S. census, population schedule, Leavenworth County. Digital Images, Ancestry.com, http://www.ancestry.com. Date accessed: 5/9/2006.

Montana, 1920 U.S. census, population schedule, Broadwater County. Digital Images, Ancestry.com http://www.ancestry.com. Date accessed: 5/15/2006

Washington State, 1930 U.S. census, population schedule, Pierce County. Digital Images, Ancestry.com http:www.ancestry.com. Date accessed 5/15/2006.

Washington State, Certificate of Death # 1160, Pierce County department of vital records.

Tacoma News Tribune, Obituary, 7/10/1963

Note: Some of the information in the above biographical sketch comes from memories of the children of Reuben Walter Edminster, Sr.

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This this sweet picture is the wedding photo of Hattie Belle Edminster and Lewis William Koch. The wedding date was May 27, 1903.

Hattie Edminster and Lewis Koch, May 27, 1903.

Picture is the property of Betty Budil, posted with permission.

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Hattie was the sister of my husband’s grandfather, Reuben Walter Edminster. She was born in Leavenworth County Kansas, October 1, 1882, Herbert Loyal and Frances Adelia Brown. Hattie died July 5, 1948.

Hattie Belle Edminster

Picture is the property of Betty Budil, posted here with permission.

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