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Anna Marie (Neust) Edminster

1884 – 1958

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Beatrice Ruth Sherman

Born June 7, 1907 in Rexton, Michigan

This beautiful little girl was my husband’s Mother, Beatrice Ruth Sherman, known as Ruth. Look at her ornate little stroller complete with a leg rest and beautiful back rest design. What a lucky little lady.


The Sherman Family, Ruth, Johannah and Will

Ruth looks to be about 12 years old in this picture of the family so we assume it was taken about 1919. Quite the young lady. Ruth married George Shelby Edminster and they were parents to my husband and his brother. Sadly, Ruth died of diptheria November 29, 1933 after the stillbirth of twins. My husband was just a little boy then but still remembers his Mother’s body being taken from their home.

Written for “Smile for the Camera” November 9, 2008

Copyright Susan J. Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

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Good Evening,

Tonight I have a special treasure to share: a family painting of Susan Viola (Leach) Sherman which was painted many years ago. She made many handmade quilts during her lifetime and you can see her working on one here. We were fortunate to see the picture a few years ago, and be allowed to take a photograph of it; I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


Susan Viola (Leach) Sherman.

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Hello Again,

This picture was taken in 1933 on the occasion of Lloyd Carr’s birthday and was generously provided here by Dale H. Leach from his collection. I’ve put this in as a thumbnail, so just click on the picture for a larger rendering.


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Charles Leach


Charles Leach, son of Solomon Leach and Mary Maynard died of tuberculosis February 4, 1875 at the age of 23 years and 6 months. Here’s a very nice picture of Charles…. handsome young man and so sad that he had such a short life.


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Leach Family Photographs

Good Evening,

Here are pictures of some of the sons and daughters of Solomon Leach, I hope you enjoy them. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture.

Veiva (Vera) Leach 1865 –
(Dale Leach collection)


Sylvester Leach 1841 – 1928
(Dale Leach collection)


Edgar F. Leach 1842 – 1922
(Dale Leach collection)


Mary Leach 1862 – 1937
(Dale Leach collection)


Enard Leach 1837 – 1920
(Dale Leach collection)


Susan Viola Leach 1859 – 1962



Grant Leach 1866 – 1942


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Photograph of Susan Higley Leach

Photograph of Susan Higley Leach

This photograph comes from a picture of Susan and Solomon Leach,

identified by their daughter, Susan Leach Sherman.

Photograph: Privately held by Susan Edminster, Granite Falls, Washington

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